Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Its been a long time!

Wow, I just realized that it has been 4 months since I have updated you all on the Sly family! Where to begin... Well, we still haven't sold our house in Florida yet but we are still faithful that God will bring someone to buy it soon! This summer turned out to be a little crazy for me. I had my FINAL breast reconstruction surgery in July and while still recovering my friend came to get me out of the house and drive me to watch our girls at soccer when a lady decided to run a red light and hit us at 60mph! God was watching over us and we thank HIM that we are alive today! Of course I gave the paramedics and fireman a good laugh. As soon as they arrived and got to my side of the vehicle (I couldn't move to get out) all I could think to ask them was if my boobs fell out!! Of course they all looked at me like I was crazy but Gary was right there (he and Vinny had been behind us in our car on their way to football practice) to tell them about my recent surgery from breast cancer.. Then they laughed and told me to rest assured they were still there and hadn't fallen out!! They put my friend and I in the same ambulance and that was some ride, I don't think the paramedics will ever be the same!! Of course I couldn't stop there, last week I fell off a curb in front of 250 juniors and seniors on the way to a field trip and broke my ankle!!! Other than that I am doing wonderful!

The kids are back in school and back to their routine. Vinny is in high school now and loving it. He is playing safety for the freshman football team and doing great. Dominique is still playing soccer and in the 7th grade. Of course she thinks she should just skip middle school and come to High School. She turned "13" yesterday and we had a little get together for her over the weekend. Do you think she had alot of her girlfriends over, oh no, my house was full of the high school football players!! Good thing her dad is the coach and they are all very afraid of him!!!
Gary is doing awesome, his classes were the first ones to fill up and all the kids rave about him. This is West Forsyth's first year with a Varsity football team and we are 5-0!! Mom has been here for a few months but the weather is starting to turn a little cooler so I have a feeling she will be heading to Florida soon!! Nick is now stationed in Tampa and glad to be back in the States. He was just up for a long weekend and it was awesome to get to spend time with him. Danielle is doing great and just got engaged!!! Her and Jesse are planning a 2010 wedding and we are very excited for them!

We miss all our friends and family in Florida and are waiting for you all to visit. I have to tell you that while I miss you all, I know we have truly found our home here! We have met the most incredible people who have blessed us in so many ways. This is truly God's country and we are so thankful that we are here!!