Sunday, January 25, 2009

Moving on!

January is almost over and I have been so blessed already this year that I know GOD has great plans for our family this year. I am putting 2008 in the past, all the money problems, health issues and the very painful realization that there are people that we love and care about that just pretend to be our friends but really want nothing to do with us.

While all these things have been painful and a struggle to get through, I am reminded everyday that God is here and very present in my life. He has allowed us to move to a new place where I have an amazing job, my children are the happiest I have ever seen them and my husband is loving life. I am so proud of him and know that God smiles bigtime at what he is doing in his life and the life of others. God has given him the opportunity to teach,coach and witness to teenagers everyday. He leads the FCA at school and the kids love him. Recently the whole school was asked to pick one staff member who has made a positive impact on their life and explain why. While I had a handfull, my husband was in the top 3 of staff members to get the most letters. The most amazing thing was that almost all the kids mentioned that "Coach Sly cares about us and is not afraid to show his faith, he is a Godly man"! Wow, how did I get so lucky?

God has gotten us through so much and I know he is not done working in our lifes yet! We have made wonderful friends here, found an amazing church and while we still haven't sold our house in Florida and have some other issues that we are struggling with, we know GOD is here. My friend Heather has a blog and named it Moving Forward, I won't copy her but that is what the "Sly family" is doing. We are not looking back, we are pressing on toward the goal which God has for us!

I hope you all have a great week!! And before I close I have one more thing to say...



Anonymous said...

So excited for you and the family - and to hear how happy everyone is!! I walk by your house quite often (we are living right down the street in a small rental) and pray for it to sell every time I pass it. John is back at Airtran, so we hope to be moving back up there by the end of the year - God-willing!!! Miss you so much!!!!

Heather Orr said...

By the way - that comment was mine :)

Heather :)